I offer an international network of resources in apparel, accessory and footwear manufacturing. My diverse relationships premium and luxury mill, trim, apparel, and accessory suppliers means can help you find you the optimum sourcing partner.

  • Menswear and Womenswear
  • Casual and tailored outerwear
  • Fully-fashioned sweaters
  • Woven shirts & woven bottoms
  • Cut and sew knits
  • Leather apparel
  • Leather footwear & handbags

These suppliers are spread across the world. Each factory and country has its unique strengths and weaknesses in regards to construction, communication, and culture, which impact product and workflow. I strategically partner you with the right suppliers to meet your cost, quality and aesthetic requirements.


I provide niche resources for small-runs of artisan-crafted goods in the following categories:

  • Sweaters (hand looming, crochet and knit)
  • Leather footwear
  • Accessories